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About me

Hello, my name is Karl Pineau.
I currently study information architecture (master's degree) at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. I work on information architecture, data modeling, data mining and information retrieval. I apply these sciences when working with museums and other organizations in the field of art history and cultural heritage.
I currently write my master thesis on the recommender system for similar items of the Europeana foundation. I work in the R&D team of Europeana.

Previously, I studied art history. I am École du Louvre graduate. My specialization is French architecture of 17th and 18th centuries.

I am also a web developer. I’ve developed some professional projects and side projects. E.g. the collections portal of the French city of architecture and cultural heritage and Histoiredelart.fr, an application for students of École du Louvre to help them to prepare tests.

Finally, for more than a year I have been the president of AInsitu Junior Conseil, association of ENS de Lyon. This is an association of students which allows them to gain experience in project management and in their core competencies. I have also been the treasurer of the association of students of the École du Louvre.

If you wish to contact me, you can use the following apps.

Student in information architecture at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Art historian graduated of the École du Louvre
Associative leader and web developer

Work experiences:

2016 (6 months)

Mission in research and development team - Europeana foundation, The Hague, The Netherlands

Under Antoine Isaac management, R&D manager

  • Writing of a master thesis about the recommender system of similar items of Europeana Collections. This master thesis has been written in the context of my master of information architecture;
  • Design of a data visualization prototype of Europeana data based on contextual entities (authors, locations ...);
  • Writing of an assessment of the multilingualism in the recommender system of Europeana;
  • Design of a prototype to assess the name entity recognition service BabelNet and its possible usage in Europeana as semantic enrichment tool.
#SemanticWeb #LinkedData #OpenData #AllezCulture - @Europeana.eu

2015-2016 (1 year and 2 months)

President of AInsitu, Junior Conseil - Association of ENS de Lyon, Lyon

I have been for more than a year the president of the association AInsitu, Junior Conseil. The purpose of this association is to allow students of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon to discover and to gain a first experience in project management. Its purpose is also to allow students to practice their core competencies in their studying domain at ENS de Lyon. This association works as a real company.
As president, my role was to lead this company of 20 workers, generating a turnover of 15.000€ per year. I represented the association in the different events where we were (conferences, meetings ...). I have also developed the working processes of the association and I have coordinated the different missions of the projects manager and workers of the company.

#JuniorEntreprise #Entrepreneuriat #Archinfo #UX - @AssoAInsitu @ENSdeLyon

2015 (3 months)

Mission for the direction of information systems - French city of architecture and cultural heritage, Paris

Under Renaud Sagot management, information systems’ director - Reference (in French)

The French city of architecture and cultural heritage contains the museum of French monuments, an archive center, a library and a school for cultural heritage architects.

  • Design and deployment of the Collections portal which shows artworks of the museum of French monuments (collections.citechaillot.fr);
  • Data mining of several databases containing architectural archives of the 19th century in the main database of the museum;
  • Administration of the main database of the museum.
#MuseoGeek #Architecture #DB #Drupal - @Citedelarchi

2013 (3 months)

Mission at the Decorative Arts’ Department - Louvre museum, Paris

Under Frédéric Dassas management, chief curator - Reference (in French)

  • Contribution to the renovation of 18th century rooms of the department (museology, artwork inventory, writing of the exhibition catalog);
  • Contribution to the elaboration of artworks’ documentation of department;
#Lumières #Musée - @MuseeLouvre

2012 (3 mois)

Mission at the Decorative Arts’ Department - Louvre museum, Paris

Under Frédéric Dassas management, chief curator

  • Design and development of a web database on 18th century furniture for a museum researcher;
  • Design of novel plans for a 18th century Parisian private mansion on the Place Vendôme. Publishing of this research and plans on Wikipedia;


Inventory missions – Museum Dobrée, Nantes, France

Under Marie–Hélène Santrot management, chief curator - Reference (in French)

  • Extra-Europeans collections' inventory (African, Oceananian and Pre-Columbian collections);


2015 – 2017

Master's degree in information architecture domain – École Normale Supérieure de Lyon



  • MOOC Semantic web and link data – INRIA -
  • MOOC From manager to agile leader – CNAM -
  • MOOC Smart cities: technical and societal challenges – INRIA -
  • MOOC Innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital world - MinesTelecom -



  • MOOC Information architecture - ENS de Lyon -
  • MOOC Data processing and Freedom (French low) - CNAM -

2010 – 2015

Bachelor's degree – École du Louvre

2009 – 2010

License 1 in Archeology and Art History – University of Nantes, France


Baccalaureate in literature

In history of art, lycée Gabriel Guist'hau, Nantes

Special skills:


  • French, native language;
  • English, professional skill (read, spoken and written);
    Application in a six-months internship in a European institution with workers from more than 30 nationalities.
  • Italian, common level (read, spoken and written);

Side projects:

Side projects

Designing of the web apps hosted on histoiredelart.fr

  • Clichés! allows to the students of École du Louvre to prepare tests based on artworks information. In the first year (august 2015 - august 2016), this web app has been used more than 10.000 times. It targets a panel of around 700 students.
  • ConfusArt (since October 2016) allows to the students of École du Louvre to disambiguate similar artworks or concepts (for instance, cathedral plans).
  • DATA is the database of histoiredelart.fr. Its purpose is to allow me to test and to improve cultural heritage object modeling and semantic web.

Community involvement

Speaker and workshops animator for the association Mémoire Vive – École du Louvre

Conventions and workshops for students of the École du Louvre about computer sciences and web development.

Association of the students – École du Louvre

  • Treasurer of the Association of the students of the École du Louvre (2011-2012);
  • Director of the Gala de l’École du Louvre (500 people);
  • Travels organization at Brussels, London and Amsterdam (50 to 100 people);
  • Founder of the WikiClub École du Louvre (contribution group to Wikipedia);
  • Founder of Deb'Art (conferences at École du Louvre about culture and art).

I have gained competencies during my various experiences and trainings.

Semantic web

I know

  • Python

I can

  • Make a request on a graph of data
  • Implement LD functionality in a web project
  • Implement multilingualism functionality in LD
  • Enrich text data in LD

Recommender systems

I know

  • Python
  • Apache Solr

I can

  • Define a content recommendation strategy
  • Implement a content-based recommender system
  • Define a user profile
  • Deploy a content-based recommender system in linked data

History of art

I know

  • History of european art
  • History of architecture
  • Political problem in cultural heritage

I can

  • Research in history of art
  • Understand cultural professionals needs

Web development

I know

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
  • Symfon2, Drupal7
  • Bootstrap3, jQuery, AngularJS

I can

  • Develop a web site
  • Deploy and edit a CMS

Data modeling

I know

  • Europeana Data Model
  • FRBR
  • UML

I can

  • Model a database
  • Manage with the characteristics of cultural heritage

Database management

I know

  • SQL, MongoDB
  • Flora EverTeam, Micromusée
  • FileMaker

I can

  • Deploy a database
  • Manage a DB software

Project management

I know

  • Scrum (débutant)
  • Assembla, Trello, Basecamp

I can

  • Manage a product development
  • Manage and lead a company / association
  • Manage people to work between them
  • Define a need

UX Design

I know

  • Axure, Hotjar, Analytics
  • User interviews

I can

  • Lead a brainstorming session
  • Measure users expectations
  • Evaluate a product with heuristics
  • Make mockups and prototypes

Here, the web professional projects and side projects I have developed.

Capture d'écran de Histoiredelart.fr


This is a portal of web apps dedicated to teaching and research in history of art and archeology.
During the first year, the web app Clichés! has been used more than 10.000 times.

Capture d'écran de Kilomètre-0


I have designed and developed this blog about slow food. It promotes cooking based on local food networks.

Visit the website

Prototype of brainstorming app

Biin - Master information architecture

This project has been run in the context of the master of information architecture of ENS de Lyon.
The aim was to design a prototype of brainstorming app using a tablet and a interactive board.

Capture d'écran de Clichés!

Visualisation prototype of Europeana data

Europeana Foundation

This prototype has been developed by the R&D team of the Europeana Foundation when a hackweek in June 2016.
It aimed to build a data visualization tool for contextual entities (authors, places...). The prototype allowed to browse the artworks and the network of the Dutch painter Rembrandt.